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Charlton garden charlton garden 18 months after we designed, landscaped and planted it. Garden looking just lovely.






greenwich gravel garden

anglique and queen of night tulips

went back to photo a little gravel front garden that we planted up autunm 2012, tulips looking great, will look even better in the summer when the rest of the hot garden plants start to take off

spring is here.. georgous amelanchier and other spring flowers

greenwich garden spring flowers

greenwich garden spring flowers


amelanchier flowers in spring greenwich garden

see what a days hard graft can achieve….

new garden

new lawn, tidy garden, what a difference

garden before work started

garden before work started

greenwich terraced house garden makeover

garden before work started

garden before work started

tidy garden

new lawn, new garden, what a difference

IMG_1290The Savill Garden is one of Britain’s greatest ornamental gardens, a lovely place to visit. Even though the car park was full to the brim of cars, the garden seemed empty when walking around the 35 acres of contemporary and classically designed gardens and exotic woodland.  It is very much a garden for a gardens sake, and a great place to walk around if you are an enthusiastic horticulturalist or just enjoy being in a lovely green space.  It was created in the 1930s by Sir Eric Savill, under the patronage of the king. It began as a woodland garden, with native oak, beech and sweet chestnut trees, but has since evolved by incorporating many new plants over the years.  The garden has something for every part of the year…. the Spring Wood, The Summer Wood, IMG_1318The Hidden Gardens, The Summer Gardens, The Glades , Autumn Wood, The Azalea Walks and The New Zealand Garden.  The Summer Gardens look pretty amazing at the moment, as does the Golden Jubilee garden. IMG_1417IMG_1462IMG_1354