Its time to get out and pick some berries and greenery, and take them indoors to decorate your house for Christmas.

Read about how to make wreaths and berry decorations at

Happy Christmas!





Declining bee numbers is a big problem for gardeners and commercial growers. Build your own bee hotel I made this bee hotel today, using old wine boxes, cherry tree logs from an old cherry tree chopped down last week in a garden Ive redesigned, bamboo canes, and an article from the gardening telegraph 338121884495685005

Hopefully it will attract lots of pollinators into the garden.






Article published in the greenwich resident December magazine on how to make Christmas decorations using the shrubs and berries in your garden. Try it, it’s fun.




I have just received the 3 volumes of “landscape elements” from the chinese publisher, they have included a number of my gardens within the book. It’s a marvellous reference book for landscapers and designers, full of photos of garden elements such as sculpture, paving, water features, planting.

20131026-132846.jpg Check out the best BBQ I have ever seen, great food!
Charlton garden charlton garden 18 months after we designed, landscaped and planted it. Garden looking just lovely.




We are starting the build on this little terraced garden tomorow…client very excited. Its about 6M x 3M, and the garden slopes up about 2.4M from the little patio outside the back door to the top of the garden.  At the moment the garden is unusable. We are building a little patio about half way up, to provide some seating space, and then terracing and planting up the rest of the garden with lots of low growing shrubs..

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Dramatic garden makeover completed yesterday… It’s gotta be the smallest garden in greenwich

This was the garden before we started, overgrown with ivy and claustrophobic


Garden has been cleared of ivy, new red brick raised bed built to blend in with the brick paving, and lovely plants transformed the garden.